Historic Downtown Sonora
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Surround Yourself
In The History of Our Area 
From the earliest pioneers to hard working ranchers, farmers & shop keepers - even desperados and main street gun fights.  Sonora's history has it all and you can vist the sites where it all took place thanks to the dedicated folks of the Sutton County Historical Society.
Sonora's 1893 Courthouse
Eaton Hill Nature Center
After a robbery near Wagner, Montana, outlaws Will Carver and George Kilpatrick of Butch Cassidy’s "Wild Bunch" rode into Sonora on April 2, 1901 to find oats to feed Will’s horse. The men visited Owens’s Feed Store. As the Sheriff's posse entered the store, Carver went for his gun and the lawmen promptly gunned both men down. Seriously wounded, both men were taken to the Courthouse, where Carver died.
Miers's Home
Built in 1888 by Isaac Miers, this home was only the fifth structure built in Sonora. After being shot in a dispute over water at the town well, Isaac stumbled back to his house where he died. The home was donated to the Sutton County Historical Society and is now a museum containing artifacts and memorabilia from Sonora’s past.
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Caverns of Sonora
John & Mildred Cauthorn Memorial Building
The Santa Fe Depot was built in 1930 to oversee stock shipping activities. The railroad remained active until 1977. The depot is currently used as a community meeting place.
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